7 Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

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shaving or waxing vs laser hair removal

When you want to get rid of extra hair on your legs, face, arms, underarms, or bikini line, you have several options. While waxing and shaving are some of the most common treatments, they’re not without problems.

Waxing requires you to grow your hair long enough to make the procedure effective, which can mean you have to put up with several days of fuzz and hair. Shaving requires more frequent timing to prevent visible hair. Both solutions require regular upkeep to remain effective and the recurring costs can add up over time.


#1: Laser Hair Removal Is Cost-Effective

Sure, laser hair removal comes with a high upfront price save time and moneytag – but think about the hair removal methods you use on a weekly or even daily basis. From regular wax treatments to shaving creams to razors and at-home hair removal treatments, you can end up spending hundreds of dollars per year to keep your unwanted hair at bay.

Laser hair removal is a smart investment, both in time and money. While laser hair removal may cost more at first, you only pay once for a treatment that lasts for very long time. Plus, you will save yourself lots of time that you would otherwise spend covered in shaving cream or peeling off wax strips.

#2: You Can Opt for Laser Hair Removal at Any Time

Waiting for wax treatments can be a pain, since you can only go to an appointment if you have surface hair. Plus, you may feel a bit of embarrassment watching those hairs grow in.

With laser hair removal, you can stay baby smooth and receive the treatment at the same time – in fact, your laser hair expert will recommend that you shave before each of your sessions! Whatever stage you are at with your growth, you can make an appointment for your laser hair removal.

#3: Laser Hair Removal Is More Precise

 When you shave or go for a waxing appointment, you’re only removing the hair that you can see. This makes it very easy for the unwanted hair to grow back and for you to miss a few embarrassing follicles. However, laser hair removal is much more precise – this procedure targets hairs down at the follicle. As a result, laser hair removal leaves little room for strays and allows for longer lasting results.

#4: Laser Hair Removal Doesn’t Leave Ingrown Hairs or Razor Burns

 One of the worst parts of waxing, threading, or epilating your unwanted hairs? The painful, unsightly, and irritating ingrown hairs that these treatments leave behind. And shaving doesn’t give as much relief either – when you shave, you have to deal with razor burns, irritation, and nasty nicks. However, when you choose laser hair removal, you do not have to deal with these painful side effects and even improve your ingrown hair situation.

#5: Laser Hair Removal Is Fast and Effective

One of the most incredible benefits of laser hair removal is how fast and effective the treatment is. Most patients at Laser Partners experience permanent hair removal between 3 to 7 laser removal sessions, reducing the need of hair removal for good. Although you may have to attend multiple appointments, laser hair removal treatments are very fast – especially compared to all the time you will usually spend shaving or in wax appointments. The total time will depend on the size of the area you are treating, but it can take as little as 20 minutes for the armpits or bikini line to 60 minutes for the back or legs.

#6: Laser Hair Removal Has Minimal Side Effects

Laser hair removal does involve a few minor side effects, as does all hair removal procedures, but many patients do not see any side effects at all. Those who do experience side effects only experience them for a few days or less. Compared to traditional hair removal methods such as shaving or waxing, you will significantly limit your chances of developing redness, irritation, scarring, swelling, or blistering.

#7: You Can Remove Hair from Anywhere

 Shaving and waxing does not work for every part of the body – in fact, performing the wrong hair removal procedure on the wrong body part can lead to irritation and pain. With laser hair removal, you can receive the treatment on any part of the body. You can remove unwanted hair from sensitive areas such as your face, underarms, or bikini line, or from larger areas such as your legs, arms, or back.

When you compare laser hair removal to waxing and shaving, it’s obvious which one brings the best results and satisfaction. Forget about the other choices and start reaping the benefits of laser hair removal today!

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